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Vn on the right) were employed.[2] A filter bank may be used to decompose the individual color matching functions if more accuracy is desired.[3]

A camera or colorimeter is said to be colorimetric if it satisfies the Luther condition (de) by Robert Luther (de) (1868-1945) (also called the "Maxwell-Ives criterion"),[4] reducing observer metamerism color errors, if the product of the spectral responsivity of the photoreceptor and the spectral transmittance of the filters is a linear combination of the CMFs.[5]

A colorimeter or a digital camera with a color filter array can, under certain conditions, be used as an alternative to a spectrophotometer.[6][7]

The illuminant and observer conditions should be specified when citing a measurement (e.g. D65/10°).[8]

The quality of a colorimeter may be assessed using the means in CIE publication 179:2007.[9]

There are various calibration methods for tristimulus colorimeters.[10]
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